When disaster occurs and a fire strikes a home or business suddenly, what trails thereafter is a lengthy and emotionally taxing process in its wake. When you are standing face-to-face with damaged valuables, ash, soot and smoke damage, figuring out your next steps can definitely feel somewhat overwhelming. When considering the path ahead see our tips below.

Know when you need the help of a professional

You may be able to fix minor fire damage like paint bubbling and blistering on some surfaces DIY style with cleaning, scraping, and repainting. However, when you are dealing with major fire damage, seek the assistance of a fire damage specialist. A professional disaster restoration company will assess the situation and recommend the necessary remediation steps. These steps could include clearing out odours and removing residue to prevent ongoing damage to your contents.

Unfortunately, if proper precautions are not taken, a fire can still wreak havoc on your belongings and health long after it has been extinguished. Besides fire and smoke damage, It may also be necessary to remove excess moisture and address water damage at the same time! A professional inspection can determine the need for structural repairs or techniques to dry out moisture hidden under floorboards or behind walls that has occurred during the extinguishing of the fire.

Health and safety risks after fire damage

Always have your home or business inspected by a fire damage expert before re entering the building. Only re-enter spaces after professionals have assessed the safety of the area. Do not assume that an area which looks and feels ok is safe for habitation or working. Fire can compromise a building’s structural integrity. Floorboards or walls that appear solid may not actually be so. It is best that a fire damage restoration service can help you close off and protect unaffected areas. Fire and smoke can create breathing hazards in the damaged area; however, this contaminated air can spread to other parts of the home or business that are currently unaffected. An expert can also guide you to safe techniques and cleaning supplies for fixing minor smoke and soot damage.

Have an insurance assessment done ASAP

When you are faced with a huge mess it can be very tempting to just sift through the piles and throw things out. For insurance purposes, please resist this urge. Your insurance company will want to inspect and assess the damage and value of everything that has been affected. This process can be taxing on your patience, especially when you are eager to make progress and return to some sense of normality. Though hastily purging items will only make things more difficult with your insurance damage claim. As soon as possible after the fire, call your insurance company to organise an assessment so that you can get the process started.

A home or business fire is a frightening experience, but working with a fire damage expert such as Disaster Restorations Australia means that we are here to support you through the process, work with your insurance company and help you get the best restorative outcome to get your home or business back on track.