Graffiti Removal

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle

We have experience servicing businesses, body corporate, government agencies and private customers. We can service all suburbs and inner country areas across Queensland, Adelaide, New South Wales and Victoria with prompt, professional graffiti removal services. If you have been targeted by vandalism we can usually provide a same day service for the removal of the graffiti.

Our service teams will remove the graffiti without damaging the substrate underneath. We use non-toxic, non-hazardous products to ensure that we remove graffiti effectively, whilst not damaging the surrounding environment.

Reasons to Choose Disaster Restorations Australia

We can remove graffiti quickly and safely

We have a 24 hour hotline

Our 24 hour response unit is available for emergencies

Structural Drying

You are protected by a $20 million dollar public liability policy

We are fully licensed and trained in the use of all products

Interior and exterior painting

Over 15+ years experience in graffiti removal

Graffiti Protection Coating

Our graffiti protective coating is a semi sacrificial surface anti-graffiti protection which, makes it easy to remove graffiti from all surface types (excluding glass). The coating is a surface penetrating coating that protects the top surface layer against graffiti and reduces possible environmental effects on the substrate.

Furthermore, it is UV resistant, so it will not breakdown from exposure to the extremely harsh Australian sun. Our protection coating does not leave a glossy finish and allows the surface to breathe naturally, reducing the chance of mould growth. It can be painted over with no detrimental effects to the surface itself.

How it works

This Protection coating works by blocking the pores of the surface, in turn stopping graffiti from penetrating deeper layers. The protective coating allows the graffiti to be removed with no harm to the protected substrate below.


Architects often specify our anti-graffiti protective coatings on new building projects and renovations, especially large commercial projects as they are often targeted. This coating does not only help with the easy removal of graffiti, it also prevents dirt and dust building up over time.

If you have a wall that is nicely painted surrounding your home, this coating is absolutely ideal. Any graffiti that occurs can be easily removed without damaging the paint surface underneath.

Sand stone walls are a great example of an ideal surface for protection coating. As sandstone is a very porous material, graffiti absorbs into the stone very easily and becomes extremely difficult to remove 100%. Our graffiti protective coating stops the paint from entering the pores of the surface, therefore allowing for a much easier removal of unsightly graffiti without damaging the surface below.

Graffiti Pressure Cleaning

Disaster Restorations Australia provides a pressure cleaning service to clean all types of buildings from residential to commercial. We also pressure clean driveways, house retaining walls, windows, shopping centre car parks, tyre mark removal from roads, patios, decks, roofs etc.

We also provide anti-microbial chemicals during the pressure cleaning process to kill all mould and fungi that has built up over the years. This chemical will provide a residual coating to all surfaces to help prevent further mould and fungi growth.

We have previously pressure cleaned high rise buildings, roof tops, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, day care centres, universities, private residences, real estate agents, age care facilities and many more.

Previous Graffiti Removal & Cleaning Projects

Check out some images from our previous graffiti removal projects in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide and The Gold Coast.

Disaster Restorations offers graffiti removal services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Newcastle

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