Meth Lab, Crime Scene Clean Up

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Disaster Restorations Australia offer a complete package for the testing and clean up of properties exposed to methamphetamine manufacturing. The chemicals used to produce Methamphetamine are incredibly toxic and can cause serious health problems for anyone exposed.  The occurrence of these labs is becoming more frequent across Australia due to the ease at which this drug can be made in backyard laboratories.

Disaster Restorations also offer a range of more generalised crime and trauma scene cleaning services. Our licensed and experienced professionals will clean and restore any area of your home, business, or other crime or trauma scene that has been directly affected by the presence of potentially harmful biological, infectious or toxic waste. Common incidents requiring cleaning are homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, cases of assault, industrial accident, clandestine laboratory contamination and many more.

The Meth Lab Cleaning Process

Onsite survey and inspection

Our experienced team will thoroughly examine your property to determine the extent of contamination that has occurred. After this initial inspection we can begin to put together a strict course of action in order to best treat any damage that has been done.

Pre Forensic Testing

This step is part of the initial property inspection but involves a far more detailed process. Generally, basic surface testing of the key areas that have been exposed to any potential contamination will be done in this stage, allowing our expert technicians to get a solid understanding of the extent of the contamination/damage.


Following the property surveying and surface testing it’s time for our technicians to begin the remediation process. We use a range of industry best-practice treatments involving a variety of safe and environmentally-friendly chemicals, high pressure and high temperature steam cleaners in order to combat any lingering effects of harmful methamphetamine chemicals.

Post Forensic Testing and Verification testing for re-habitation

Following the remediation process, the property will be re-tested and samples sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. The laboratory performs an in-depth analysis on the samples provided in order to look for any very small, trace amounts of chemical residue. Once the property is deemed to be safe, we will provide a validation report and sign off for re-habitation.

Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning

Most crime scene and trauma cleans begin with absorbing and picking up the larger amounts of contaminants. As the investigations and scene surveying usually takes quite a bit of time, these contaminants often become dry as the crime/trauma scenes must be left untouched for sometimes extended periods of time. This makes the removal of contaminants and restoration of your property a slower, more difficult process than many other types of clean ups.

We generally start working on the smaller areas of contamination, mainly consisting of areas that may have splatter. There are several ways that may be used to remove the contamination. These may include traditional cleaning, chemical or steam cleaning. Our experienced cleaners will usually focus on four key areas involved with crime scene/trauma cleaning; odour neutralisation, stain removal, mattress/carpet restoration and insect removal. These are all very common issues when your property has been the unfortunate victim to crime and/or trauma.

Disaster Restorations Australia point of difference is we are accredited in many areas to provide the best recommendations in remediating your property after such tragedies.

Restoration Of Your Property

As qualified builders we have the ability to structurally fix or remove, remediate and rebuild should this be required. This is generally required where blood or bodily fluids have seeped through the carpet and underlay and through the timber floor boards below and therefore the timber floor must be removed to be able remediate the property properly to gain clearance. Another instance is where blood or bodily fluids have run under the internal or external wall plates which makes it very difficult to remediated without removal of the timber skirtings.

Odour Control

We have the specialized equipment such as ozone machines and deodorises to assist in removing odours left behind due to Haemoglobin borne pathogens.

Disaster Restorations offer our meth lab, crime scene and trauma cleaning services to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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