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Disaster Restorations is our business, and to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, we invest heavily in our own equipment. This guarantees greater responsiveness and efficiency for our clients, but it also means we use only state-of-the-art technology for all emergency response situations. All our technicians are licensed by the IICRC and possess a range of other certifications for specific equipment and technical diagnostic gear. We always test, tag and service our equipment to keep it running at its best and to give you peace of mind that we are always using the highest quality of equipment for the job.

Listed below are just a few of the major brands and types of equipment we use in the restoration process:

air mover sahara pro

Air Movers 

Powerful, focused air movement is the foundation of any drying. We use air movers to increase the rate of evaporation in damp areas by lifting moisture form the surface and moving it into the air where it can be collected and removed from the area. At Disaster Restorations Australia, we use Dri-Eaz and Drymatic Air Movers. These brands  have been leading the industry with innovative, practical and durable Air Movers for many years.


Heat Drying Machines

We use the Drymatic II as our main Heat Drying Machine. It has two modes; recirculation and exhaust. When in  recirculation mode, the dryer heats up the area until a specific level of humidity is hit. In exhaust mode the machine exchanges warm, humid air with dry, cooler air. The Drymatic II will usually cycle between those two modes to increase the level of water removed from the area. We have tried a range of different products over the years and we have come to the conclusion that the Drymatic II is, without a doubt, the best option on the market.

dragon heat furnace used by disaster restorations australia

Heat Furnaces

We use the Dri-Eaz Dragon 3600 Mobile Heating Furnace, the highest quality and most trusted heater on the market. This heating furnace is one of the only mobile heaters on the market that is specifically designed and built for restoration in any weather condition. These heating systems are used primarly for drying subfloor areas under houses and basements.

dehumidifiers used by disaster restorations australia


Dehumidifiers provide the best way to extract humidity and moisture from the particular environment while circulating new, cool, dry air into the room. They generally work by capturing tiny particles of moisture released from damp surfaces such as walls and carpets. We use a range of dehumidifiers, all made by Dri-Eaz. We use these particular dehumidifiers because they are quiet, efficient, reliable and very portable.

Hepa500 Air Scrubber used by Disaster Restorations Australia

Air Scrubbers

Air Scrubbers are used for high efficiency air filtration in a portable device. We use these devices to handle indoor air quality during the restoration process. Typically used during water or fire damage restoration as well as most mould removals. We use the HEPA 500, made by Dri-Eaz. This air scrubber is the most widely used model on the market as it has been regarded as the most efficient and advanced air scrubber available today.

floor drying equipment

Floor & Mat Dryers

For drying floors and mats we use specialised floor drying packages. These packages are generally placed on floors and help uplift the flooring to cure ‘curved’ and water damaged floors. We use a range of products by Injectidry, a specialist American company that is considered to be the at the forefront of floor, wall and ceiling drying technologies.

drymatic floormat

Heat Blankets

These Drymatic heat blankets are designed with Drymatic’s legendary heat boost box and an air mover to specifically target hard-to-dry dry floors. These blankets work by heating up the covered surface, changing the surface tension of the floor and breaking the barrier between the blanket and floor with the warm micro-jets that release the newly captured moisture. These heat blankets have been used on a range of surfaces like timber, concrete, tiles, carpet, underlay and many others. Another great benefit of these blankets is the noise reduction over other technologies like dehumidifiers target Australia and air movers.

wall, ceiling and cabinet drying equipment used by Disaster Restorations Australia

Wall, Ceiling & Cabinet Drying

Similar to the floor and mat drying systems, the wall, ceiling and cabinet drying systems are made up of a number of pieces that work together to remove moisture from a particularly damp area, even hard to reach places. They remove moisture by injecting new, dry air into the area with negative pressure. We also use Injectidry for our wall and ceiling drying systems.

Disaster Restorations offer water damage, fire damage, mould removal, structural drying, carpet cleaning and graffiti removal services to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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