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When you have an emergency situation and your home is badly damaged by excess water or flooding you will need to, firstly, extract any remaining water in your home and, secondly, have professional help to dry your carpets, walls, floors, ceiling and other home belongings or documents. Disaster Restorations have all the skills, experience and equipment needed to rescue your home and belongings from permanent damage. Our structural and contents drying is a vital part of the water and flood damage restoration process in just about every circumstance.

Most people just assume that they will have to throw out all heavily water damaged documents and belongings when they experience a flood in their home. If you have the right knowledge and tools then you can save a lot of your belongings and help your bank account in the process. Structural drying and contents restoration is a task that requires specialised equipment and a good knowledge of how to use it. Trying to dry and clean your belongings yourself is often very time consuming and risky as using the wrong tools and cleaning products can just make the situation worse. Read below to learn more about our Structural Drying process.

The Structural Drying Process

1. Damage Assessment and Control

When our expert technicians arrive to your home they will assess the damage and immediately start making an action plan to start the drying and restoration process. Following this, they will put controls in place at your property to limit any further damage or loss for the time being. Disaster Restorations will provide you with a cost estimate for the restoration work that is required for each circumstance. We can also give you a general timeline so you are able to make arrangements during the drying and restoration process.

2. Water Extraction

Once you give us the approval to begin work, we will begin by extracting any remaining water on your property. Depending on the amount of water remaining, our technicians may use submersible pumps in addition to industrial strength, wet/dry vacuums. This step helps to reduce structural and contents drying time and helps to prevent mould and secondary water damage over time.

We will also remove any damaged items to ensure that they are not harmed even further.

3. Drying

After the water extraction/removal, your floors and walls may look dry at first glance, but they are often still wet to the touch. Most building materials, like drywall and wood, are porous and will retain significant amounts of water. The remaining water will cause these materials to warp or break down and can also cause mould damage if left untreated.

Our experienced professionals will manipulate temperature and internal humidity levels to remove the remaining moisture from your property. They use specialized equipment, including industrial air movers and dehumidifiers, to remove water retained by building materials and other hard-to-access moisture. They will then carefully monitor the progress using moisture meters until the damp materials return to acceptable levels.

4. Cleaning & Sanitising

In this stage of the process, it will probably be obvious that certain  walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces will need professional cleaning treatments. Besides cleaning your property’s structure, Disaster Restorations can also clean your belongings, like furniture, upholstery, clothing, and other personal items, damaged by the water. Flooding and water damage will also often require odor removal and deodorization treatments, since damp materials often leave a fairly unpleasant and noticeable odour.

5. Restoration

The final step in the process is the restoration of your home and your contents to pre-water damage conditions. The restoration may involved small repairs, such as replacing dry-wall or installing new carpet, or potentially major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms at your property.

Equipment We Use

air mover sahara pro
Air Movers
lgr 7000 dehumidifier
floor drying equipment
Floor/Mat Dryers
Heat Furnaces
Hepa500 Air Scrubber used by Disaster Restorations Australia
Air Scrubbers

Disaster Restorations offer our structural drying and content restoration services to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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